Courses/Workshops Subscription

Young students and makers to be can subscribe to our courses to develop skills in the fields of manual and digital fabrication (CNC machining, 3D printing, laser cutting and woodworking), electronics, coding microcontrollers, 3D scanning.

Our hands-on workshops will allow them to improve their skills in using technology as a tool to develop their creative ideas and increase their confidence in their ability to make things and sense of responsibility when dealing with hardware technology.

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We organize yearly project-based camps for students between 7 to 11 years old (under Kids Genius program) or 12+ years old. In those camps, students, through building a predefined project, will be learning about manual and digital fabrication (3D printing, woodworking), electronics, coding and 3D design. Such camps allow the students to better understand that innovation and products are created when different aspects of technology are put together.

Here are our special yearly camps:

  • Winter Vacation camp (5 days)

  • Spring vacation camp (5 days)

  • Summer camp (5 days)
  • Summer program (1 month)
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Special Workshops

Special workshops such team building workshops for corporate companies, parents with Kids workshops,birthdays… are fun, creative, educational and quality time activities spent together to increase bonding among team members in a company or family members and develop skills during a 2 to 3 hours workshop.


Access to workshop/ machinery

Laser Cutter

CNC Milling Up
to 4 Axis


3D Printing

3D Scanning



School and university students as well as startups who need access to tools and machinery to develop their projects for their studies or competitions can now book an access to The Makers Hub and use the tools and equipment they need to accomplish their projects.

The following tools are available in our space:

  • Laser Cutter

  • CNC Milling Up to 4 axix
  • Lathe

  • 3D Printing

  • 3D Scanning

  • Electronics

  • Tools

fill out the application and let us know when you need to access our makerspace, what machines you need and project dimensions.

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School and NGOs visits

Our specially designed sessions for schools allows students to apply the theoretical learning into hands-on projects. Schools can organize visits TMH or we can temporarily set up our model at the school’s premises to deliver our educational workshops to different grades starting from grade 2 to 12.

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We collaborate also with NGOs, who work with school students and schools’ dropouts, to help their beneficiaries in developing hands-on skills in nowadays technologies, increasing their exposure to technology and vocational tech sectors as well as their chances in finding better job opportunities by highlighting vocational sectors for them to get specialized in.

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Franchise/school license

We license TMH concept and program to schools that are interested in implementing TMH concept in their premises and benefit from our 5+ years of experience in running makerspaces and developing educational content aligned with the schools’ curriculum.

If interested is providing the space at your school for your students to reveal their creativity and become the innovators of tomorrow, fill out this form and we will provide you with more details about our packages and offerings.

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