Is your kid spending too much time playing or watching videos on tablets?

Technology can be a tool for him to explore hidden talents and reveal creativity

Is your kid eager to disassemble products to check how it works or what is inside?

By joining our space, he/she will be able to develop this curiosity, increase their knowledge in fabrication, electronics and digital fabrication (3D design and 3D printing) and evolve from explorers to become the makers of their own innovative ideas

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  • Have you ever wanted to build your science fair project or an idea you have in mind but you lacked the technical support, tools and space?
  • What do you do if you need products that you can’t find in the market?
  • Have you ever wondered how products are designed and produced?

  • How an idea of a product evolve to become a first prototype?

  • Do you want to develop skills in digital fabrication and electronics and join our makers community?