• We help schools, through our unique STEAM session and project –based learning, connecting the lessons in Math and Science to Arts and design using Technology

  • TMH makerspace allows the students to explore and develop different life skills such as motor skills, analytical skills, communication, design, creativity

  • Our activities and applications empower the students and increase their confidence in their ability to develop and produce their own products, toys and ideas

  • It helps them to see the value and application (of what there are studying theoretically in through educational program

  • Schools can organize visits to our center or create TMH makerspace within their school premises and/or run clubs at their schools

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Our special education program proved to be an obvious improvement of the students with learning disabilities/difficulties on the following levels

  • Motor skills

  • Focus and patience

  • Engagement

  • Better acquiring the theoretical knowledge

  • Self confidence

  • Revealing talents

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Underprivileged youth rarely have access to quality education and edutainment activities. Our makerspace model allow the kids to develop skills while making their own toys and gadgets that they can play with

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Municipalities with the vision of creating cultural and innovation centers can rely on our hands-on experience to setup the space and run it in a sustainable manner allowing youth to meet, share ideas and collaborate together in a constructive activity that will prepare them to become the future innovators

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Companies, with CSR activities in the fields of education, youth and technology, that wish to impact their communities, are welcome to fill the application form and a brief description of their vision through the CSR activity. We would love to collaborate and empower youth while equipping them with the skills of the future.

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